Michael Blanchet's How to Beat the Video Games Articles


Michael Blanchet was a self-proclaimed "video game wizard and tournament champion" who wrote 2 books in 1982.  His first book, How to Beat the Video Games, was a best-seller (the back cover of his second book notes 80,000 copies were sold within the first year), and led to him writing a syndicated column. While writing the column, he released his second book, How to Beat Atari, Intellivision, and Other Home Video Games.

The column was known by several names ("Beating the Video Games", "How to Beat the Video Games", Win at Video, etc), and the titles of each article varied from paper to paper. The length of each article varied as well, with some being only a few paragraphs, while others were longer and included diagrams or photos.  Also, the date or time frame with any given article varied, with one article appearing weeks or months earlier or later with different papers, so determining an exact date for when a specific article was first printed can be difficult.  All of these differences may be part of having a syndicated column, with each paper's editors having the final say.

Here is a pdf file with a near-complete collection of all his articles, along with an index document.