ATARI VCS/2600 SwordQuest EarthWorld Follow-up 


One of the people who entered the EarthWorld Contest was Russ Perry Jr.

Here, in HTML form, is the correspondence he has received from Atari, as a follow-up to the contest.

Dear EarthWorld Contestant:


... specially prepared for you on the basis of the number of correct "word clues" provided via the entry we received in your name in the EarthWorld Contest.

The following "rating" system was used to designate different levels of playing skills in this contest segment:

* Contestants furnishing one or two correct "word clue" answers were accorded the title of BRAVE VENTURER.

* Players recording three or four correct "word clue" answers were dubbed WISE WARRIOR.

* The title SUPREME SAGE OF SORCERY was reserved for entrants furnishing all five correct "word clue" answers.

We hope you like your certificate and will display it with justifiable pride for a job well done in the ATARI SWORDQUEST CHALLENGE.

Thank you for your participation.

Sincerely, James R. Amrein

President AMA, Ltd.

Contest Judges for Atari

Dear Atari SWORDQUEST CHALLENGE Participant:

Many who entered the recently concluded EarthWorld Contest asked for the correct word-clues so they could see how their own answers measured up. Here, then, by permission of the good folks at Atari, are the five right world-clues:

Quest In Tower Talisman Found

A significant percentage of entries listed four of these correctly, with "Talisman" proving to be the word-clue answer most often missing on these contestants' entries.

A total of eight (8) contestants succeeded in supplying entries which provided all five correct word-clue answers, and arrangements are underway to bring these finalists to Atari's headquarters in California for a Play-Off leading to the award of this contest segment's $25,000 EarthWorld Medallion Grand Prize.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that The Quest Continues. In fact, the second video adventure game in the SWORDQUEST series is available at stores in your area now. Called FIREWORLD, this brand new installment in the series comes complete with a fresh prize-winning opportunity in Atari's FireWorld Contest... open now through July 15, 1983.

Everyone can win something! A new FireWorld version of the handsome ATARI SWORDQUEST CHALLENGE CERTIFICATE OF MERIT is available to every contestant who supplies one or more correct answers in this particular contest segment...and there's an incredible $25,000 jeweled goblet waiting for the FireWorld Grand Prize Winner... and all expense-paid trips to the Kingdom of Atari in California for Play-Off qualifiers along the way.

Don't miss it...all the details you need are packed inside the cartridge box for Atari's exciting new FireWorld edition of the SWORDQUEST series, available at a store near you now.

Sincerely, James R. Amrein, President

AMA, Ltd., Contest Judges for Atari

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