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Magazine ad.  First shown in the January 1983 issue of both Electronic Games and Video Games.

Electronic Games - January 1983:

Certificate of Merit, which is ironic since the only reviews EG did were in their 1984 Software Encyclopedia.

Video Games - January 1983 :

Soft Spot Column "A Few of Ken Uston's Favorite Games'

The following article is condensed from Ken Uston's Home Video '83 - The 20 Best New Games and How to Beat Them... Plus 5 Great Classics. By Ken Uston, copyright 1982. Reprinted by permission of the New American Library.


Videogaming Illustrated - February 1983:

JoyStik - April 1983:

Electronic Fun - June 1983:

"Letters to the editors: TIPQUEST"


Videogaming Illustrated - September 1983:

Electronic Games - 1984 Software Encyclopedia:

It's amazing how often EG's opinions changed within a year's time.

Computer Fun - May 1984:

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