3-D Ghost Attack

By Daryl Lytle


This is one of the games that I would have absolutely loved to have been completed and released back in the day. This game was going to be a three level game. Thankfully, all three levels of this game were included in one cart making it a 16k cart for completeness. A nice menu allows you to cycle between each level you want to play. You can start on level one and work your way to the third level or play each level individually. The first level you start outside the haunted mansion. There are ghosts moving back and forth throughout the mansion and you have to shoot them all to move on to level two. As you press the fire button, it will flash where you are shooting on the screen so you know where you are aiming. Moving the joystick eight ways will move your gun sites around the screen. The second level takes place in the graveyard where once again, you must shoot all the ‘nasties’ and then proceed to level three. Level three you are staring into the portal to the ghost world. You must shoot as many specters as possible before they escape into our world. This pretty much ends your tour of the haunted mansion. Ok 3D effects, the third level ghosts scale towards you to help the effect. Cool sound effects, cool graphics, ok replay value and ok game play.


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