3-D Havoc

By Daryl Lytle


This would have been a very promising 3D asteroids type game. Looking out of the ship's front view, you are to blast as many asteroids as possible. Once you've blasted approximately a dozen asteroids, you will start the next level of the game. This is a first-person perspective scenario that looks like you are flying through a tunnel. Once you blast a few more asteroids, you get a "HERO" screen with a bunch of shipmates jumping up and down congratulating you on your successful mission. Unfortunately this is where the game pretty much ends. You start the tunnel level. You can shoot, but you can not hit anything. The difficulty switch will cycle your shields either on or off. The manual states that the gauges at the bottom of the screen unfortunately do not work. There is a Fuel, GRed, and Shield gauge. There also looks like at the top of the screen some type of scanner that doesn't appear to work. It cycles colors as the game continues, but this may have been something that just wasn't completed in the game. This could have just been there for special effects. Not sure. The 3D in this game is alright, some scaling. Decent sounds and graphics, game play is ok and has a little replay value.

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