Depth Charge

By Daryl Lytle


This is a solid sea battle style game. The point of view is through the glass of a periscope. Once again, the controls are tight, and handle pretty good. The Select button will cycle through game variations. You can choose between guided or fixed torpedoes and the number of torpedoes you start with can be 30, 60, or 90. You control the crosshairs of the targeting sight. When you press fire, the crosshairs appear, when you release the fire button your torpedoes tear through the water towards the enemy. Blow up the ships and you score points. Some ships are fast, others are slow. Some will sink with one correctly placed shot and some take multiple shots to destroy. You have a status section at the bottom of the screen that displays information showing when you are Ready, Armed, Fired and Loading. Holding the fire button down will cycle between your score and how many torpedoes you have left. Once you are depleted of your torpedoes, "00" will be displayed and you will hear a loud tone. That is when the game comes to an end. At this point even though you can control your crosshairs, you are simply waiting for the next cruiser to finish you off. The game will also end if you are blown out of the water, displayed by a beautiful explosion, and then it's, "You sank my battleship!" Good game play, sound is good, graphics are good and has a decent replay value.

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