Lady Bug

By Al Backiel


The original prototype of this game by Coleco has never been found.  Coleco did release this game on their own system and planned to come out with a 2600 version according to their press releases and catalogs.  Now thanks to homebrew programmer John W. Champeau, we now have an excellent 2600 version of this long-awaited game.  This is a very faithful rendition of the 1981 Universal arcade machine, from the title screen to the end.  Spelling out EXTRA or SPECIAL in their respective colors will get you an extra life or a bonus round.  This is a lot of fun to try to accomplish and very tricky since the letters appear random and change colors after a short time.  Catching a score multiplier at the right time will boost your score.  There are 18 different veggies, one per round that can be collected - if you want to run the risk.  They pop up after all four insects are released.  This is the type of game that is exciting and different each time you play it.  The maze is in constant flux due to your opening and closing doors.  The left difficulty switch controls the speed of your Lady Bug.  Plays much better than the Colecovision version.

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