S.A.C. Alert

By Daryl Lytle


This is a cool arcade flight combat game. Handles really good, controls are tight. Itís a one player game. Hit select switch to cycle between land and sea missions. Once you take off, you take on both ground and air targets. You can see your bullets rip into enemies. Planes not only come straight at you, but also zoom across the screen. There are ground targets you can engage, tanks, factories, ground to air missiles, ships, etc. When you see the landing strip on the ground (or in the sea missions, a carrier) head right for it and you can land to refuel and repair your jet. The next level begins over new territory, terrain changes and ground enemies can fire at you. You have a small HUD that shows Altitude, Score and Fuel. Warning lights on the left and right side of the HUD flash and sound off when necessary, i.e. if you get too low in altitude and might crash, or if your fuel gets below 20 units or when your jet takes on too much damage. Enemy hits show on your cockpit glass. If you crash, the screen turns black and you can replay that mission, if you have remaining jets. When the game ends, you get ranked, "Crew, Pilot, Ace" and rated "0-9". Good game play, sound is above par, graphics are solid. Has a good replay value.

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