Atari VCS/2600 and compatible controllers

Last updated 10-5-2017


All controllers are tested and sold in working condition.
For more information about a specific controller, see the controller FAQ.

Atari Keyboard Controllers (set) - CX50 (PHOTO)
Atari Pro-Line joystick - CX24 (PHOTO) have 5
Atari Standard joystick controller - CX40 (PHOTO)
Atari Video Touch Pad - CX21 (PHOTO)
Championship Electronics SuperChamp - JC-250 (PHOTO)
Discwasher PointMaster Competition joystick (PHOTO) $3 have 5
Gemini Gemstick (PHOTO) have 5
Gemini paddle controllers (PHOTO)
RGA International Video Controller - RGA-1160 (PHOTO) have 2
SVI Spectravideo QuickShot - QS-115 (PHOTO)


  $7 each unless noted otherwise + S&H

* $10 minimum order


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