Dig Dug

The 5200 version (pictures #3 and #4) is different from the original 400/800 version (pictures #1 and #2).  Atari later re-released the 5200 version for the computers.

If you leave the game paused, it will go into demo mode after x minutes.

BUG: The music that plays when you move keeps playing even when you stop.

BUG: If you earn more than 9 reserve lives, the counter for them becomes garbled.  At 10 lives, the number disappears.  At 11 lives, you see part of your character instead of a number.  At 12 lives, you see garbled graphics.  At 13 lives, the number disappears. At 14, garbled graphics. At 15, black garbled graphics, and part of the icon is missing.  This remains this way even if your total reserve lives drops down below 15. {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: 2 byte-rollover bugs exist. At level 128, the veggie becomes a white Pooka worth a lot of points. Also, when you roll the levels over after 256 screens, the next level has no vertical tunnel (since normally it is dug for you when you begin a new game).  {Kurt Howe}

BUG: The level counter resets at around 5 million.



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