Final Legacy

The 5200 version is exactly the same as the original 400/800 released version (left column).  A later 400/800 version (right column) has a number of small differences compared to the original – the most notable of which (besides the colors) is the later version uses icons on many of the different screens, and particularly on the navigation bar.  It also offers a left or right-handed joystick option, but it doesn’t have the “Sea to Land E-Beam” text on the sea-to-land screen, and there’s less text on the sea-to-air screen.

· The theme music was reused from the unreleased Superman III game.

· Originally referred to as The Legacy.  A computer prototype version has been found with the title simply as Legacy.

· BUG: In the Sea-to-Air game, if a missile gets past you and there’s still time left before it reaches a city, your view will refocus to bring it back into range, except the game misspells it as “REFOCUSSING” (last picture).




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