Pole Position

• A prototype version exists (picture #1), dated 1-5-83, that has a number of differences with the released version (picture #2), and is basically a very early version.

• The 4 different tracks (Practice Run, Malibu Grand Prix, Namco Speedway, and Atari Grand Prix) are all the same track.  The only difference is the number of cars and billboards.

• It’s possible to take out 2 cars when you crash (video #1).

• BUG: The manual states you must achieve a lap time of 73” or better to qualify, but it’s possible to qualify with 73”06 and still earn 200 bonus points (picture #5).

• BUG: The amount of time added when you get extended play seems to have a roundoff error.  Sometimes it adds a few more seconds it seems than it should.

• BUG: When passing cars while driving down the center of the track on a straightaway, you will sometimes lose speed.  On rare occasions, your max of 195mph will increase to 211mph passing cars in the last straightaway before the finish line (picture #3).    If triggered before the final lap, and you complete the next lap without hitting anything or leaving the track, you might see your speed at 227mph (picture #4)!

• BUG: You never actually reach the start/finish line at the end of the race (video #2).  You also will finish the race even if you crash right before the finish line!  {Scott Stilphen}

• RUMOR: Someone claims they crossed the finish line during qualifying with 4 seconds left and earned 8th place.



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