Quest for Quintana Roo

Codes: level 2 - 1830; level 3 - 8817

After you solve level 3, you’ll get a code that can’t be used - 37 W (see picture and video #1), after which the game will continue.  Since this isn't a valid code, what was it supposed to mean?  Was a contest planned, with the code signifying you beat the game?  The Colecovision version (which is believed to have been the first done, as the screenshots on every box closely resemble that version) has the same code as well, but in the C-64 version, the "W" is a graphic that appears to be a small representation of the cobra snake graphic that appears on the map vault!

BUG: If you are poisoned while placing a rock in the map vault, the tune that normally plays will be stuck on a note that will play constantly (videos #2 and #3). {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: The manual doesn’t mention it, but you also earn a free life every time you solve a level.  {Scott Stilphen}




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