RealSports Baseball

EASTER EGG: At the menu, enter 22732255 on the keypad (which spells out “BASEBALL” on a standard phone keypad).  The message “BY JAMES ANDREASEN AND KEITHEN” will appear at the bottom (picture #1).  {Keith "Keithen" Hayenga}

At least 4 different prototype versions exist, all with varying levels of completeness (lacking voice or having different voice, different title screens, limited options, etc.).

The “RealSports” moniker was added after the game was completed, which is why it’s not mentioned anywhere onscreen.

A version called Barroom Baseball exists that is essentially a modified version of RealSports Baseball intended for coin-op use.

The computer AI doesn’t always make the best decisions.  If there’s 1 or more runners on base, many times an infielder will get the ball and instead of tagging out a runner for an easy out - even if the runner is right next to them) - they’ll simply throw to a base to get the lead runner out (see video).

BUG: When a team takes or leaves the field, there’s an area below the bottom of the home plate area where they won’t appear (picture #3), but the ball will!

BUG: When a batter takes the field and approaches home plate, he’s a solid color (red or blue) in the area where players normally don’t appear (picture #4).

BUG: The ump starts calling out before the ball even touches the catcher.  Plus the runner's lead foot doesn't touch home plate first, his other leg does (see video).




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