RealSports Football

EASTER EGG: In a practice game with regulation time, in the 4th quarter with the score 112 to 3, score a touchdown with no time left.  Instead of flashing “Game Over”, the scoreboard will show “Designed by the Warlord”.  {Warren Dalton}  According to programmer Jim Huether, the exact method of revealing the message is to throw a backwards pass while winning by over 100 points.  As to the meaning of the message, the artist who did the Warlords artwork for the VCS packaging used Jim’s likeness!

The “RealSports” moniker was added after the game was completed, which is why it’s not mentioned anywhere onscreen.  This was one of the 4 original titles first mentioned for the system, and it was actually released as both “Football” and “RealSports Football”!


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