Food Fight

EASTER EGG: Play a game up to at least level 23, after which select level 23 on the level select screen, and then hold the PAUSE button on the console while moving the joystick UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, UP, DOWN, RIGHT, and LEFT.  The message ‘FOOD FIGHT BY KEITH SAWYER THE “ALCHEMIST OF FUN”’ will appear (picture #1).  {Dan Boris}

Replays are mainly triggered by having only a little time left on the cone (you can't leave the level in less then 12 seconds), and having a certain quantity of "close calls" with the chefs. There are also restrictions on which levels it can happen on and how often it can happen.  Replays can happen on levels 5-17, 100-499, 600 and up. Also once you get a replay you have to wait for 5 more levels where you didn't leave the level early before you will get another replay.  {Dan Borris}

BUG: Garbage graphics appear in the upper-left corner of the screen (pictures #2 and #3).  This usually isn’t visible on most TVs.

FRYING: On rare occasions, it’s also possible to reveal the hidden message, or at least part of it, by this method.



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