As Programmer Tim Skelly states the Morse code sounds actually spell out "DONT REGISTER". This was in reference to the U.S. Government's ploy on army conscription at this time in history (1980), forcing every male of age to register, even though there was no draft.

The game has 3 game play cycles:

1) Game start difficulty, which progresses fairly quick to max difficultly. The game plays at max difficulty for around 5 hours.
2) Slow fire. Tanks and choppers fire at the rate of about one shot a minute. The fire rate will start to increase after around 15 minutes. They will hit max fire rate in a very short amount of time once the initial rate increase kicks in.
3) Fast fire. Tanks and choppers will fire at max fire rate (not sure how long).
The game cycles through 2 & 3 for a long time, and will eventually revert back to 1, which is basically the game looping back to the beginning. {John Salter}

There’s one spot where a copter will instantly kill you when it appears.

The score counter rolls at 40,960.

BUG: A glitch in the game causes the helicopter’s shot to continually go across the bottom of the screen (either from left-to-right, or right-to-left.  See picture). The cause appears to be random, and can happen at any time during a game when the helicopter appears anywhere on the screen – top, side, or bottom. While it’s happening, the helicopter is unable to fire at you. If you get killed (by a tank), or if a tank spawns in the path of the shot, the glitch gets cleared. {John Salter}

BUG: The game runs in cycles. 5 hours into the game (if you are playing at a fast point progression pace) the tanks and helicopters stop fast firing and fire about 1 shot a minute. The cause appears to be random for this as well. {John Salter}



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