2 main versions of the game exist. When the game came out, players complained it was too hard, so an easier set was created (often called the “European” version). Determining which version you are playing can be discerned by noting when the first appearance of a Killer Satellite occurs, and how many asteroids appear on the first wave. The 1st version is quickly identified by 6 asteroids appearing on the first screen and the appearance of the Killer Satellite on the 2nd wave. The 2nd version starts with 4 asteroids and the Killer Satellite comes out near the end of the first wave ( and moves much more slowly). This version also allows you to hunt for satellites much like you could hunt UFOs in the original Asteroids. A 3rd version is believed to have been made that didn’t allow for this.

Although the attract screen claims a 1980 copyright, the game was officially introduced in March of 1981.

The front glass on the upright was originally square with the cabinet. This produced a glare on the screen. Atari later released a "glare reduction kit" which retro fit an angled glass into the cabinet that reduced glare. Once applied, the kit enclosed the speaker which resulted in deeper base tones. Another revision did away with the internal mirror altogether and had the monitor facing out like the original Asteroids machine.

The score rolls over at 1 million.

BUG: When you reach 990,000, your bonus counter resets to 0. At that point, you’ll earn an extra ship for everything you hit, up to the maximum of 9 (see video).




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