2 versions exist. The original release only had 3 different-colored robots (yellow, red, and white) of which the maximum # of (slow) bullets they’ll fire is 2. Also, Evil Otto will double its speed at 5,000. In the later version, extra robots (purple, green, and light blue) were added that eventually fire a max of 7 (fast) bullets. Also, Evil Otto doesn’t speed up.

Necktie trick” - Bullets can pass between your head and body.

In a 2 player game, when you lose a life, you go down one skill (robot color) level after the other player has his turn.  This doesn’t happen in a 1-player game.  {Greg Bendokus}

BUG: Humanoid “ghost” trick - Walking through walls can sometimes be done. Try with entrance barriers the same color as your humanoid (green). There’s also a spot (?) where you can pass through the thick, outer wall between the bottom exit and the lower right corner.


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