If you enter the initials "JORDAN.LTD" for your high score, it chops off the “.LTD” part and adds two credits. This trick may be why the U.S. version was modified to only allow 3 characters (the Japanese version allows 10). A “fixed” version can be found at this SITE.

If you have both arms on a window and push both joysticks UP, objects dropped from the condor and Mad Dropper will bounce off. On the 2nd building, if you instead pull both joysticks BACK, any falling steel girders will bounce off, but this only works for the first 15 floors.

On the second building, when you arrive at the electrical sign, climb up the left side until you’re under the wire. Keep both joysticks pressed (one up and one down). After a few seconds you’ll become red with white hair and the wire won’t harm you (picture #1).

Double flower pots will always kill you.

It’s possible to climb through the falling sign (picture #2). It seemed to work best for me with my right hand up & left hand down then reach my left hand up and hold just before the sign hit; no joystick movement while the sign was going through me. {Troy Newman}

Sometimes after death/comeback, you are a few sections above where you died. You miss out on those climbing points, though.

Sometimes you can dawdle around on the top floor of the building (the little 1/4 window) and not reach up for the helicopter. Sometimes it will drop down to where you are and latch onto your hand and take you away. {Kerry Stillin}

Consolation bonus - if the helicopter is within earshot, and you never make it up there, it will eventually leave and take most of your bonus. You still get a portion of it. (it has been a long time since I did this- may not be completely accurate). {Kerry Stillin}

Kong quits switching sides after you pass.

Pink/purple/reversed signs falling sometimes.

The U.S., Japanese, and German Nichibutsu flyers mention a gondola (picture #4), but there's none in the game, nor is there one hidden in the code or any trace there ever was one.  It's also mentioned on one of the cocktail table instruction carts (picture #5).

BUG: The game will make a brief “screech” sound when it’s first powered up.

BUG: The attract mode shows the climber will sometimes get stuck in sections where the only path is up the middle of the building.

BUG: Safety window - one time, I gave up on a game and walked away. When I came back, I thought it was in attract mode, but the climber wasn't moving. Windows were opening and closing around the screen, but never closed on the climber. I realized it was still playing because the bonus point had reached the minimum. {Kerry Stillin}

BUG: Minimum bonus - after your bonus drops to a certain level, it won't go lower. I think it's 3,000 points on the first level. {Kerry Stillin}

BUG: “Crazy” window - window opening and closing repeatedly very fast. Usually after the balloon drops you off. {Kerry Stillin}

BUG: Paused balloon - if you grab the balloon and it takes you up 8 floors to a closed window, it will pause there until the window opens. {Kerry Stillin}

BUG: Color shock - you momentarily change color after you get shocked by a wire. Sometimes the color change sticks until the top of the building. {Kerry Stillin}

BUG: Passed sign/girder - you are clearly hit as evidenced by the 'hit' sound, but you don't fall. {Kerry Stillin}

BUG: Radar out of sync - sometimes after you die and come back, the green radar blip is in the wrong place on the building. Sometimes there is a second blip tracking the true 'you'. It disappears when you catch up to it.

BUG: Spark - sometimes after the electric sign, there is a spark graphic in the next section or two just sitting there. It doesn't harm you and it doesn’t move. {Kerry Stillin}

BUG:  “Phantom" death - where you are doing absolutely nothing wrong, and there's no imminent danger, yet you drop to your death for no apparent reason.

BUG: The timer only counts down to 3000 and stops. In the code, every time it clicks down, it affects another variable. When this other variable is incremented 256 times, a barrage of items will suddenly fall on you (picture #3). It takes about 30+ minutes until you see this happen. {Kerry Stillin}




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