The Donkey Kong Junior character is hidden in the graphics.  Don Hodges used the debugger in MAME to reveal it (picture #1).  A comparison to the character graphics in Donkey Kong Junior show it’s a little more detailed than the original (picture #2).

The score counter rolls at 1 million. The game stops awarding reserve lives at that point. So in all you are given 37 men for the entire game if you're good enough to hit 1 million. 3+33+1=37.

BUG: For some reason the game awards you 2 extra lives when you reach 990,000 points.

BUG: After clearing stage 159, the same level keeps repeating, although the stage counter will continue increasing.  After stage 255, the counter will roll to 0 for the next level, and then start counting again at 1 after that, and both the game’s difficulty and screen layouts will reset.




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