At the end of level two (the one with the lift), player one should get the green enemy in a full nelson from behind when he is nearly dead and therefore low on energy. When all the other enemies have been killed, the game's countdown timer should stop and if player two picks up the whip, the green bad guy should be able to be whipped indefinitely, provided that this is done carefully. Player two's score will continue to increase and after about 20 minutes his score should reach 99,950. After that, every time player two hits an enemy or scores some points the player should receive an extra life.

Sometimes, enemies will come out wielding sticks of dynamite. If you let them throw it, walk backwards and they should walk right into the explosion!

Use the elbow smash against any enemy and you should be able to defeat them without any problem.

BUG: This only happens in two player mode. On the second level right before the end of level baddie comes out, if one player looses all his lives, the boss will not appear and you will not be able to continue the game.

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