• A prototype version exists with many differences from the released version.  For a detailed description, please check out this SITE. One scene that isn’t even on the prototype version depicts Dirk being attacked by a tentacle in the weapons room (see picture).

• Unlimited lives: To access it, wait for the Attract Mode to begin, and then push UP+LEFT+SWORD while inserting your quarters. Release the joystick and then press 1P. You will now have unlimited lives until you complete the game.

• Unlimited lives: It can also be enabled before/during the flaming ropes scene, but the sequence must be held down until you either hit the Closing Wall scene or you've died on the non-mirrored Barding scene in order for it to stay active.  {Matt Ownby}

• Unlimited lives (Euro version): This works on Dragon's Lair Euro Rev.D1, with attract mode sound enabled in dip switch settings. The trick is probably possible due to a bug in the program. To trigger it, start a 2-player game. Player 1 must then lose a life. Player 2 must then complete the game. Player 1 will now have unlimited lives.  Even after losing all his lives, play will continue with the last life. The trick works even if Player 2 completes the game with the second or another life, as long as Player 1 still has a life to play. After the trick is enabled, every time Player 1 loses a life, the game resumes always from the same room, even if it has been successfully completed already. The room sequencer routine "crashes" so there's the chance a previously completed room returns to be played.

• Some of the death sequences are of lower quality than the rest of the footage.  It’s likely Bluth ran into time and/or money constraints and had to settle for lesser quality in order to complete the project. Being a good director, he only let the quality slip in the lesser- seen sequences.  Some death sequences are so far off model on Dirk that it is rather embarrassing (such as Dirk in the cage when you go straight into the doorway in the tilting checkered floor room, or any death in the tilted floor pit room with the water door and chain at one end).  {Steve Ressel}

• The game contains extra moves if you are playing the Rev. F / F2 ROMS, with the difficulty setting to either hard or very hard.

• The laserdisc contains 2 copies of the entire river sequence.  It’s believed that one copy was intended to be reversed, but this idea was dropped since the text on the various signs for each section would have been unreadable.

• If you lose your last life on the "Drink Me" scene, when Dirk's skeleton crumbles down, the bottle with the "Drink Me" sign is missing but replaced with a loaf of bread and a sign that says "EAT ME".

• If you lose your last life on the "Black Cauldron Pot" scene, when Dirk's skeleton crumbles down, a ladder appears on the left side of the room that was never there before.

• If you lose your last life on the "Wooden Platforms" scene, when Dirk's skeleton crumbles down, there is a hole in the wall that appears on the left with stairs going up that was never there before.

• The last frame of the "crumbling bones" scene of the closing wall/bedroom stage still shows part of Dirk's helmet on the screen. In every other bones scene, you can't see any part of the dead Dirk (he falls completely off the screen).  The enhancement set of ROMS takes this into account.

• During the crumbling bones scene of the windy hallway stage, the diamond is gone!

• In the snake room with the skull, the rope disappears with the 3rd snake and then reappears from below.

• On easy, the total score using 1 life is  320,289; 3 lives is 373,879; 5 lives is 427,469 (LINK).

Dirk’s voice was provided by Dan Molina, who was the sound engineer.  The head of clean-up animation, Vera Lanpher, provided the voice of Daphne.

• When you play the game with attract sound disabled, only the very first attract sequence is played correctly. After that, all attract sequences will play longer than expected and show you a part of the drawbridge scene footage.

• BUG: On the non-reversed Crypt Creeps (bouncing skulls) scene, pressing the sword button as the first move causes the skull kill scene to play twice.

• BUG: On the Catwalk scene, a timing error will occur if your second move is LEFT.

• BUG: On the reversed 9-level Elevator Floor scene, if the game ends during this scene, the start of the Pirates of the Caribbean scene will play instead of the game-over/skeleton scene.

• RUMOR: A scoring trick exists that allows you to play through an extra set of rooms, thus giving you a higher score than would normally be possible (LINK).


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