2 main versions exist – the original (old) Namco/Midway romsets and the revised (new) Namco/Midway romset.  In the original sets, Galaxians drop their bombs in front of themselves; in the revised sets, they’re more behind them (and more Galaxians will attack at the same time).  Also, bombs are only drawn every other frame in the revised sets.

The Galaxians” are not the enemies onscreen, but rather the player(s).  During the attract mode, the text, “WE ARE THE GALAXIANS. MISSION: DESTROY ALIENS”, after which all the enemies and their respective point values are listed, implying that the player is the Galaxian.  This can be confirmed, as both the game (in service mode) and the manual refer to the player’s ship as a “Galaxip”.  However, most every home version incorrectly refers to the aliens as the Galaxians.

Pause trick - Hitting a Flagship in mid-air will cause all attacking Galaxians to briefly stop firing and return to the formation.

Loop trick (revised/new sets only) - With 1 blue Galaxian left, move to the left side.  If it fires 1 shot, you’ll have to dodge it, but if 2 are fired, both will miss.


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