Frog character - Shoot (you have to duck down) a tombstone 15 times.  A winged creature will appear and fire a bolt at you (picture #1), changing you into a frog (picture #2).  If you can shoot the creature before it disappears, it’s worth 2k points. You will automatically change back after a few seconds.  You can also avoid being hit by the bolt if you jump over it from atop a tombstone.

Unlimited (?) time - Using the above trick, if you fire your 15th bolt with time about to run out (0:02), you’ll immediately turn into a frog (instead of dying), and the time counter will wrap to “negative” time (picture #3).

If you hit a dragon on the head in a specific spot, you can kill him instantly.

In the cave on level 3, go to the upper level and move your character to the right of the rock, just to the left of the second ladder (picture #4). Move left and right, shooting rapidly. A Zombie will keep appearing and you can score 100,000 points before time runs out, but you will also get two extra lives in the process.

RUMOR: Is there a safe spot to stand in when fighting the 5th boss?



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