HIDDEN MESSAGE: On the high-score table, the initials for scores 2-10 are for the following people: MEC (Mark Cerny), RDA (Rich Adam), MLH (Mike Hally), JOE (Joe Coddington), ORR (Owen R. Rubin), and BRD (Brad Chaboya). (picture #1)

The original name was Lunar Battle; a prototype pcb exists labeled as such, as does a wiring harness (picture #2).

Depending on the highest score, one of eight list names appears above the table of initials: FLUNKY (0- 20,000), GUNNER (20,001- 40,000), CO-PILOT (40,001- 80,000), PILOT (80,001-100,000), ACE PILOT (100,001-200,000), KILLER PILOT (200,001-400,000), PONTIUS PILATE (400,001-800,000), GOTTA-BE-LUCKY (above 800,000).

The maximum fuel units you can have is 25,000.

BUG:  If your reserve ships reach 128, the game will reset.

BUG: It’s possible to touch and actually hover inside a bunker without being destroyed.  According to programmer Mike Hally, there wasn’t enough processing time to check for collision detection between the two.

BUG: It’s possible to shoot (and even fly) through areas where 2 connecting lines meet.  The game has some difficulty with certain adjoining angles and the collision detection with the ship and its shots.  By exploiting this, you can actually get inside a planet (and destroy enemy objects from within), although getting back out may not be possible.  Doing this trick on negative gravity planets may also be impossible.




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