In Skeet Shooting, if you manage to shoot all the clays, the last one appears as a bird and is worth 5,000 points.  Shooting it with the left barrel makes a slow-moving parrot appear (hit as many times as possible!). 

In Vaulting, land on your head w/o doing any somersaults.  You’ll bounce a few times on the mat, and then a frog will appear from the roof and give you bonus points. 

In Weightlifting, when you complete a lift and the bar drops to the floor, press both left and right buttons as it hits the floor, cheerleaders will appear and you’ll receive a bonus. 

In Swimming, if you finish in a tie with an opponent a duck will appear and give you bonus points.

In Archery, get a few "Perfect" scores in a row. A cat with an apple on its head will appear. Hit the apple and get bonus points.

There is also a Triple Jump, plane/jet point bonus trick.


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