HIDDEN MESSAGE: A secret credit screen can be triggered, which will list the programmer's names along with tiny digitized pictures of them.  The pictures are in the code (picture #1), but the method described in MAME to trigger them doesn’t work (either on a real machine or in MAME).  Here’s the method - on the attract screen (the one with the face), press 1P Start + 2P Start + FIRE and push the joystick to the LEFT.

The game was designed by Marvin Glass & Associates. It was the first arcade game that was created around a rock band (the band members were big video game fans themselves during that era) and the first to use digitized graphics (black/white). Originally, this game was not to have the band Journey in it. It had a digital camera (created by Ralph Baer, the creator of the Magnavox Odyssey home console systems) that would take a picture of the player's face and put it on their character. After some people used unmentionable parts of their body as character heads during tests, this was dropped.

BUG: In the Ross Valory mini-game, if you jump high enough, part of your head will wrap-around and appear on the bottom of the screen (picture #2).


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