A prototype version exists.  You can tell which set it is by the white labels on the chips.

3 different versions exist!  They are denoted by the color of the labels on the chips – red, yellow, and green.  The red and yellow sets have the Pterodactyl bug (described below).  The red also has a default high score of 107,212; yellow and green have 109,102.

You can squeeze through the tiny gap between the 2 right ledges (see picture).  Approach them from the right and fly low enough so that you “skip” along the 1st ledge.  This was actually an unplanned ‘feature’ but was left in since it became popular with players.

There are 2 “sweet spots” for killing pterodactyls. If the lower platform is missing, stand over where the 2 left-most digits are (or would be) in the left score counter and face right. If the lower platform is present, stand on it just a little right of center and face each one as it approaches.

Starting on wave 16, enemies will start waiting on the energizer pads. In higher levels, you can simply hover over the lowest pad and continuously knock off enemies while the other pads are being tied up.

After wave 99, the counter goes to wave 0 (an egg wave) and then starts counting normally again. The score counter rolls over at 10 million.

BUG: Phantom Energizer - In a 2-player game (on a screen just before the middle ledge disappears) clear all opponents except 1.  Kill him, leaving the egg in the middle of the bottom platform.  Player 1 stands on the bottom energizer while player 2 jumps in the lava.  If player 2 appears on the top energizer, then the trick will work.  Player 1 then gets the egg.  The “phantom” ledge should remain.

BUG: Pterodactyl trick (red and yellow versions) - Kill all the enemies except for one Hunter (the grey buzzard-rider) and fly low over the lava until he gets caught by the lava troll. (this only happens on wave 4 or higher). As soon as he is caught, land on the center platform.  When pterodactyls come out just face them and they’ll fly directly into your lance.


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