HIDDEN MESSAGE: The same hidden message in Ms. Pac-Man "GENERAL COMPUTER CORPORATION Hello, Nakamura!" from programmer Steve Golson can be found (Masaya Nakamura was then the head of Namco).

There are no company credits onscreen.  The game was designed by GCC, the same company that did Ms. Pac-Man.

There are a number of hidden bonus objects that were never used by the developers.  To see them, set 'CHEATS' to 'Always have blue monsters'; play a game, repeatedly eat the monsters until you get past 1600 points. The game was coded to deal with such high bonus values and assigns a hexadecimal value to the score value after 1600. The hexadecimal scores equate to a graphic in the game. After eating somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-30 monsters consecutively, the hidden objects will appear. There is a rattle, a baby's dummy, a cowboy hat and a skateboard.

After completing board 7, you’ll go back to board 4.  This sequence (4-5-6-7) will continue until you reach board 144.

At board 8 and up, all the prizes are the 5,000 point beer.

You get an intermission after completing boards 1,3,5,7, and 9. There are 3 different intermissions, and those for boards 7 and 9 are the same as board 5.

The monsters will not turn blue on board 14, and also on board 16 and higher.

On board 16, Junior slows down to the same speed as boards 1 & 2.

BUG: “Booey” – It’s possible to harmlessly pass through a monster! 

BUG: Kill screen – If you reach board 144, you’ll find the walls are missing and there will be random bits of graphics scattered around (picture #1).  The game will automatically advance past this board.  If you complete the next board (145, which is the same as board 2, only blue), you’ll find board 146 is much the same except only the character graphics will be shown – all of which are able to freely move around!  Since there’s no dots to eat, there’s no way to advance any further, unless you use the game’s rack advance option (if you do, you’ll find board 147 is exactly the same, and board 148 crashes/resets the game).



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