3 versions exist. The original version (pictures #1 and #2) features the familiar Tarzan yell at certain parts of the game.  The trustees of Edgar Rice Burroughs' estate (the people who own the rights to Tarzan) sued Taito for copyright infringement for using the character's likeness.  As a result, Taito released a modified version, Jungle Hunt (pictures #3 and #4), where the Tarzan character was replaced with a jungle explorer clad in a pith-helmet and safari jacket, and the Tarzan yell was removed (for some reason, the graphics for the monkeys were also changed). Also on the first level, the vines were replaced by ropes. Taito also released a 3rd version called Pirate Pete (pictures #5 and #6) that was a pirate-themed version of the same game.

There are 11 vines in Jungle King, but the 11th one is out of reach (picture #7); there are only 10 in Jungle Hunt and the last one is hard to get, but with the right timing it is possible (picture #8)!  You’ll only grab onto it for a split-second before he drops into the water.  {Scott Stilphen}

In Jungle King, the player’s eye turns read whenever you are hanging on a vine.

In Jungle King/Jungle Hunt, starting on level 2, some of the vines/ropes will have a monkey on them. You’ll sometimes hear the monkey before you see it instantly appear on a vine/rope.  You can also see it change position just as the vine/rope reaches the left edge of the screen.

In Jungle King/Jungle Hunt, starting on level 3, a 3rd native appears on the final screen, up in the tree on the left side, where he’ll continually throw spears at you.

BUG: if you're on the last vine/rope before the water (in JK and JH) or the last rope (in PP) and you jump when it's off to the right, you'll bounce off the edge of the land (or the end of the boat) and survive!  {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: In Pirate Pete, when the 3rd pirate throws a knife, wherever it lands, that area of ground becomes lethal to touch.  {Scott Stilphen}



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