Free game - Complete the word SPECIAL.

Unused graphics of a dinosaur and a bone are hidden in the code (picture #1).  {Keith Erickson}

The manual shows one of the dip switches as being unused, but it’s actually a rack advance option.

The “part” counter only shows up to 99.

BUG: At part (screen) 256, graphics glitches appear. The difficulty resets, along with the veggie counter (to a cucumber), but the value shown is 500 (it should be 1,000).  Also, on the 'intermission' screen, the text still shows "horseradish" and the value is missing, along with the skulls (picture #2)  When the game starts, the enemy is none other than... yourself (picture #3)!  At screen 257 everything resets back to normal.  {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: If you keep spinning the same door, part of you will stick through it.  You’ll then be able to go through the door without spinning it.



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