EASTER EGG: There’s a way to make our names scroll, unfortunately I do not remember the codes, and they were not intuitive.  {Giorgio Ugozzoli}

EASTER EGG: The most discussed point was about how the joystick should have worked. Should it be as in the real planes or as it is most natural and intuitive with the UP moving the plane up and the DOWN moving the plane down. In the real planes it is the other way round. I lost my point so I programmed an Easter Egg where a Morse code using the FIRE button inverted the joystick control, so I could play it the way I liked.  {Giorgio Ugozzoli}

In the pipe section, you can adjust your plane so that if you hold the joystick DOWN, along with the FAST and FIRE buttons, you’ll be able to destroy the green drop each time you complete a loop (500 points each). This trick can be performed indefinitely.


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