Flowers:  In every round on Trip 1, there seems to be at least 2 flowers that can be unearthed (by jumping).  It’s unknown what purpose they serve (you don’t get any points for finding them).  On Round 1, the first is right after the hydrant with the hat (picture #1); the other is between the last 2 buildings (picture #2). On Round 2, the first is right after the 4th cactus (picture #3); the other is after the 4th tree stump (picture #4).  On Round 3, the first is on top of the mountain where the plane flies by (picture #5); the other one is before the springboard (picture #6).  On Round 4, the first is on the first mountain top on the way back (picture #7), and the other is on top of a house (picture #8).  There’s also a hat behind the 3rd cactus on T3R9. It’s possible other flowers may exist on other Trips.

Hats: There’s a blue hard hat hidden behind the 4th fire hydrant on Trip 1, Round 1.  To get it, push against the right side of it.  Eventually it will appear on your head (picture #9).  You’ll then be protected from the mini monsters being dropped from the planes above.

Timer power-up: Eating all 5 monsters will net you 3,250 points.  If you save Sue for last, you’ll get a floating Pac-Man with an “L” in its mouth (picture #10).  Picking it up replenishes the timer.

Extra life power-up: On T1R4, jumping between the 3rd and 4th cactus in the spot shown in the picture triggers a floating Pac-Man with an “S” in its mouth (picture #11).  Grabbing it gives you an extra life!  It’s possible other extra life power-ups can be found on other Trips.

End bonus: At the end of each round, you’ll receive bonus points if you jump right before the game “takes over” (picture #12). The closer you are to the ground before the music ends – without touching the ground - the more points you get (10, 100, 300, 1,000, or 7650).  This works going either to the right (towards the church) or to the left (towards home).

Balloons: On T1R4, pushing (from the left side) either the last cactus (picture #13) or hydrant (picture #14) will release 6 different-colored balloons!  One is worth 7,650 points (on T1R4, it’s the orange one); the others are worth 100 each.  Although it’s possible to get all 6, you don’t get anything extra for doing it.  It’s possible balloons can be found on other Trips.

Invisibility: On T3R11, there’s an invisibility power-up behind the 2nd tree stump (picture #15).

Warps: On T1R2, there is a hidden warp that takes you to the end of Trip 3, Round 8 and adds 80,000 points. You either have to push one of the cacti (to the left) or one of the tree stumps. It also looks like it will only appear if you have NOT died before reaching this point; if you did, it won’t be there.  It’s possible other hidden warps can be found elsewhere.

You can jump on top of the monsters (even the mini ones), including when they’re inside vehicles. A fun trick is to be on top of Sue when time runs out- she'll boost you right off the top of the screen (picture #16)!  This trick also allows you to reach the top of some buildings (picture #8).

RUMOR: Are there warps hidden in quicksand?

RUMOR: Is there a trick that causes the screen to turn upside-down?



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