The manual refers to the different mazes/screens as sides of a 'cube', but there's only 4 mazes.

The game makes no mention of names for anything (it simply shows the graphics for them), but the high score table mentions angel, devil, whippersnapper, and evil eye. The manual, however, mentions roaming eyes and zipper ripper.

The Colecovision version's manual mentions enclosing a magic box or special prize room.  The arcade manual makes no mention of the prizes at all.

The bonus prizes sometimes disappear (and if you leave the maze and return to it, it’ll reappear). On level 1, they seem to disappear every time the sound tempo speeds up. On other levels, its disappearance doesn’t seem to be linked to the sound. Whether or not this is something that was intentionally done (to include a random element) or a bug is unknown.

BUG: The CV manual mentions from level 2 and on, if you enclose a magic box room, the Roaming Eyes leave the maze, and soon after the Zipper Ripper does as well.  That seems to be the case in the arcade game as well, but at 7:20 in the video below, the player circles the magic box and the eyes don't leave (but one disappears when it touches the center box).

BUG: According to the manual, the Zipper Ripper is supposed to still be deadly (to the touch) when you enclose a magic box room, but it’s not.

BUG: There’s a glitch in the game that will cause the Roaming Eyes to stop pursuing you (but the Zipper Ripper will still follow).  It’s unknown how to trigger this. {Darryl Brundage}

BUG: There’s a glitch in the game that will cause all the enemies to disappear.  I've triggered it a couple of times but I’m not sure what causes it.  The best that I can tell is that you exit a maze at the exact same time as the big monster appears on screen.  I don’t know if you can actually time it, though.  {Craig Anstett}



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