Each "extra" table has a sequence that must be completed to activate the corresponding "RGB" light on the main table. For the blue table, it's hitting all sequences of cards shown. For the green table, it's hitting all the pin rollovers three times (three "strikes"). For the red table, it's getting three of a kind in the slot display.

When the sequence is completed, the "E" light on that table comes on. Once the "E" target is hit, the "RGB" light for that table will be lit. Activating all three lights (finishing all three RGB tables) lights up the "E" on the main board. Hitting this when lit gives you the super jackpot, which I think is worth around 200,000 points.

Hitting the colored tabs once on the main board opens the entry hole for the corresponding "extra" table. Hitting the colored tabs again, while the hole is open, activates the downpost on that extra table.

Hitting a lit "E" light on an extra table gives an extra ball. Hitting the lit "S" light on the main table (there is no "E" light on the main table--once all three "E" lights have been lit, the "S" light comes on) gives the "super jackpot"--no points, but 3 free credits.

The "pine cone" target that sometimes gives 10,000 or 50,000 points also sometimes shows two Japanese characters, which I believe gives an extra ball.

Every so often a genie lamp or pine cone (?) will pop up. This is usually worth 10,000 points, but is sometimes worth 50,000 points. Anyone know what triggers this?

What's the significance of the woman's eyes on the first screen? (Sometimes she winks, etc)


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