HIDDEN MESSAGE: When the game starts, turn right around and drive the wrong way. Where the road divides, take the right one and watch for a small barn at your left. Approach the barn (by driving off road) slowly. When you're close enough a door will suddenly appear on the barn with a very bright yellowed circled number "33" (picture #1).  {Tony Roy}

A driving simulator version exists, with a cop car and a different track.  The ROMs having hand-written numbers on them.

The blue screen during the attract mode shows all the programmers names.

The long road with the big pole at the end (just left at the start finish line) was created so that the programmers could do the car modeling, and was left in at the end of development because there was no reason to take it out.  {Jed Margolin}

On the Super Stunt Track, the amount of bonus time you gain on each lap is very close to the time it takes for a skilled driver to complete the course. If you drive hard and make no mistakes, you can actually gain about one second every time you go around the course, and play forever

The game does not end until your car comes to a complete stop, so if you run out of time near a gate, put the car into neutral - you may be able to coast through and get the bonus time.

BUG: The score counter will roll at 800,000 points, although the game will still keep track of it for the high score screen (picture #2).  {Rob Ziniuk}

BUG: If you drive a perfect lap, you’ll start the next lap with one second less than the previous.  If this continued, you’d eventually reach a point where you wouldn’t have enough time, except that at some point you’ll stop losing a second (for a few laps), and then start gaining one.  It takes about an hour or so of flawless playing to reach this point. {Jeff Kinder}

RUMOR: With some (all?) versions, the score will roll at 1 million.  After you received 100,000 additional points, the game would realize the score was wrong and then add the extra "1," giving you the proper 1,100,000 points.  This would continue to happen every million points.  {Jeff Kinder}

RUMOR: It’s possible to knock the cow off the mountainside.  If you hit the cow and fall off the mountain side at the same time, you’ll see both falling in the replay.  {Kristine Roper}



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