2 versions exist - the original one, labeled Konami (picture #1), and the other Stern (picture #2).  The only differences are the fuel consumption rate (it burns slower on the Konami version), and the Stern version has 3 extra fuel tanks in the last section, right before you reach the mystery object.

There is a limit to how many level indicators you can have (either 48 or 49).

Grazing the top of objects with your ship will blow them up without harming you.

In the original version, right before you reach your goal, you’ll see a building with “KONAMI” on top of it (picture #3).  This was removed in the Stern version.

You’ll see a congratulatory screen when you destroy the base (picture #4), after which the game will repeat.

If you crash after destroying the base (and before the message appears), it won’t count against you.

BUG: If you drop a bomb first before firing, the firing sound is different for a few seconds.



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