3 ROM versions exist!  The 3rd, rev A3, corrects the bug (below) that occurs as a result of some overlapping RAM locations.

Unlimited lives - On some versions of Space Ace the programmers left a secret Easter Egg that allows you to have unlimited lives. To access it, wait for the Attract Mode to begin, then press DOWN+LEFT+FIRE while inserting your quarters. Release the joystick and then press 1 PLAYER. You will now have unlimited lives until you complete the game.

During the final battle between Borf and Ace, when they are fighting hand-to-hand and Ace jumps on Borf’s back (frame #32163 on the laserdisc), Borf’s pants disappear (pictures #1 - #4)!  Also, his skin color is pink (normally it’s blue).

Animator Don Bluth voiced the character Borf.  The voice of Kimmy was provided by animator (and wife of co-producer John Pomeroy), Lorna Pomeroy.

BUG: Most of the reversed scenes are missing the flash audio cues.  This is because the creators originally intended to remove the flash cues with the reversed scenes.  When they decided not to do this, they forgot to put the audio tracks back in.

BUG: The creators forgot to take into account that if scenes of the space ship are played flipped, the text on the side of it is unreadable.

BUG: When you land by Borf's ship and are running thru the hallway, you hear over the loudspeaker, "Enemy on Level 1". At the end of this scene, there is a choice of chutes to go down.   You then go on to a short scene before the triangular platforms. If you listen, the guy on the loud speaker is still saying, "Enemy on Level 1" when obviously you no longer are.  {Jeff Kinder}

BUG: The following bug occurs with either the 1st or 2nd ROMsets, with the pcb set to easy and on a 2-player Cadet-level game. If player 1 dies before getting as far as the first scene past the Space Station, player 2’s game won’t play the same as player 1’s – it will skip the scene with Dexter talking to Kimberly up through the Space Maze scene and start with Dexter landing his Ship at the Space Station.  The next problem occurs at the Electrified Cylinders scene. After the point where you can energize, you can choose which way Dexter will go down the ladder. You’ll then play the Electrified Cylinders scene again, with it sometimes being the reverse of what you played before!  The last problem is, if you played that last scene as Dexter, you will play as Ace the second time.  The reverse is also true (if Ace the first time, you’ll be Dexter the second time around).  After this, you’ll end up at the scene that has the monitor on the wall showing Kimberly being taken aboard Borf's Ship and blasting off from the Space Station - again. From this point on, player 2’s game will be normal.  {Tony M. Victorino}



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