HIDDEN MESSAGE: Entering the initials "DBR" (for David Rolfe) will show "HI DAVE" (picture #1); "TZM" (for Ted Michon) shows "HI TED" (picture #2), and "SKO" (for Susan) shows "HI SUSAN (picture #3).  {David Rolfe}

There are 3 different versions. The first two versions differ from each other only in regards to the data being compressed to a greater extent, in order to reduce ROM chip requirements from 11 to 10. After the 2nd run, Exidy figured they could sell another batch of units (possible as an export) if they came up with Star Fire II.  There were to be a few changes, but these were really just refinements - not worthy of the "II". The biggest change programmer David Rolfe recalls, aside from the title screen, was for the high score collection and display.



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