3 versions exist.  The original version was done by AW Zilec Electronics, Ltd. (pictures #1 and #2), which was a Japanese company.  The game was then licensed by Centuri for release in the U.S. (pictures #3 and #4).  There’s also a version by Taito (pictures #5 and #6) that has several differences from the other versions (open area above the pit, no pit monster, “TAITO” on tank instead of “ZONKER”, different colors).

The screenshot on the flyer shows the enemy tank having “CENTURI” on it instead of “ZONKER” (picture #7).

It’s possible to trap an enemy explorer if you tunnel underneath a rock as you’re being pursued (picture #8).  {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: On later rounds, the number “0” can be found under specific rocks (picture #9).  {Scott Stilphen}





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