Secret arena: There is a special hidden arena for fans of Battlezone, but there’s only 2 ways to access it (in solo mode only).  When you first reach it, you’ll then see a display of all the programmers doing bizarre things with their faces on a photocopier, after which you go into a hidden level where you play the arcade Battlezone game! The 2 methods are:

1. If you are able to work your way up the tournament ladder and defeat Nazrac (all on a single credit), you’ll enter the special arena.

2. On 3 levels, there are hidden areas in which you can find a gold Sauron (from Primal Rage). You have to shoot each of the Saurons, and then go on to defeat Nazrac (the top boss in T-Mek). The three Saurons are found in the following locations: in Storm Rift, blow out both rocks in the squared-off crevice. Go through the false left wall. Stick to the right wall and go down the corridor; in Stone Web at one of the gentle bends in the outside wall, there is a false section of cliff wall. Go through it; in Alien Nest, you can squeeze between two of the watchers (the big green eyeball things that form the outer edge of the arena). You will first have to destroy a bunch of the long thin tubes. Close beyond that passage is a Sauron.

Venusiva Express: When the tournament ladder screen appears, hold your left-hand control to the left and your right-hand control to the right. At the same time press both thumb buttons. This enables you to challenge Venusiva without working up the tournament ladder.

Hidden Arenas: While you are choosing the next arena, do one of the following things:

1. Choose the Killing Floor while holding your left control to the left (enter Nazrac's Attic).

2. Choose the Stone Web while holding your left control to the right (enter the Abyss).

Arena Conditions: Certain arena effects can be activated by doing the following control combinations while the "Waiting for Others" countdown is happening (a sound will be heard when it is done right):  hold left control RIGHT and your right control to the LEFT (no radar); hold your left control to the LEFT and your right control to the RIGHT (fog in the arena); pull both controls BACK (alternate color phase for the arena).

Extra Power-ups: If your controls are outward when going through a reload platform, you get five special weapons. If your controls are inward when you run over an energy core, you get more energy and defense.

Special Names: By typing in the name of Nazrac or the name of his arena bosses, as your own name, you will be able to drive their super MEK. Names are BAKED, SHOCKA, VENUSIVA, PHANTOM, BRK'OTH, and NAZRAC.

Baked's AssaultMEK is a little slower than the standard AssaultMEK, however, it fires its cannon and missiles faster.

Venusiva's StealthMEK is not harmed by the volcanic fire in Inferno nor stopped by the spikes.

Shocka's HyperMEK is even faster than the standard HyperMEK and has even less armor. Her MEK hops over the boulders in Storm Rift.

Phantom's SuicideMEK does not show up on the radar and can go through the walls inside the Stone Web. It has less armor than the standard SuicideMEK and has no defense.

Brk'oth's LurkerMEK can ooze thought the vines and valves in the Alien Nest without slowing down. Its color makes it well camouflaged in its home arena as well.

Nazrac's SpeedMEK has an entirely unique look, made to strike terror at his opponents. His MEK is not harmed by the fire roaring from the gates in the killing floor and Nazrac's Attic.

If you type in the last names of any of the people appearing in the game credits, there is an audio response.


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