• 2 control panel configurations were made – one using buttons (the original version) and one using track balls.

• EASTER EGG: Each event has an Easter egg that offers a 1,000-point bonus:

100m:  If both players finish in a tie, the guy from Tutankham will appear and award you 1,000 bonus points.

High Jump: A gopher will pop out of the ground and award you 1,000 bonus points.  Unsure what exactly triggers it.  Some say missing the first 2 attempts will.  Others say they’ve seen it with making all 3 attempts.

Javelin: Run as fast as you can and hold the button down until you reach 80 degrees.  The javelin should fly off the top of the screen, hit a bird, and award you 1,000 bonus points.

Long Jump: Three jumps with same result will get a gopher (?) to scroll from right to left and award a 1000 bonus.

• 100m Yard Dash: The scoring system is - 20 points per hundredth of a second under 14; 30 points per hundredth of a second under 11.

• Long Jump: If you hit the take-off board it makes a speed increase, but if you do it twice in a row something happens that makes you go farther, and possibly even more for a 3rd time.  And something similar in the Javelin for consecutive 'non foul' throws makes a difference.

• The initials of the some of the programming team are on the high score table (at power-up):

• BUG: Throws of 100m or further in the Javelin event will cause a counter wrap-around, so a 100m12 throw will be logged as 0m12 (and will not qualify you)!

• BUG: It’s possible to cheat on the hurdles event.  Start a 2 player game.  Both players must make it to hurdles.  Start a timer/stopwatch when the race starts.  First player across the finish MUST JUMP through the finish line.  Next player crosses finish line as timer rolls over 100 seconds.  If done with good timing you can get under one tenth of a second.  My best time is .05 seconds., which is worth about 37,000 points (see VIDEO).  {Hector Fly}

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