A free credit is awarded every time the game is powered up.

BUG: Its possible to hit the ball in a straight line while it is slightly inside the wall.  The sound circuitry plays the sound of the ball hitting the wall the entire time.

BUG: During the attract mode, the ball is repeatedly served to the last player who missed.  Its possible to start a game just as the ball in attract mode would be considered lost causing the lost ball sound to be played.  Once during a Magic Squares game, this caused more than the 6 serves to be given!

BUG: Its quite easy to position the two paddles so that the ball will bounce between them indefinitely.

BUG: If you play a Magic Squares game and then switch to one of the other games in attract mode, the Magic Squares 4-digit score will be split between the two player scores, resulting in some unobtainable scores displayed on the screen.



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