The Wizard's line of fire is different from that of both players. You can line up in certain areas where the wizard can’t shoot you.

The players can cancel each other’s shots, as well as the Wizard’s bolts.

If you align your player up properly and in the right area, the Worlings and the Worluk have to push you back/forward into a corridor/space to kill you by shooting you or running you over. This applies to the Wizard also, if he does not shoot you or appear on top of you first.

The left (blue) player can fire faster then the yellow player, so it is easier for the blue player to freeze the game (see below).

BUG: When the dungeon counter goes to 0 (100) it will no longer count properly. The last digit will be correct, but the first digit will no longer be accurate.

BUG: If you are very fast with shooting and you hit the spot exactly where the Wizard was just about to appear, you’ll create what’s called a pre-freeze, which is quite a spectacular event. Instead of freezing everything and going into the normal sequence, the sound goes crazy, the dungeon flashes black and white several times, but the players can still move and fire their guns. The dungeon then first flashes the sparkling effect on the flashing black and white walls, next a solid orange, and then a sparkling orange walls. The players will stop moving and firing, and then the dungeon flashes black and white and the sequence stops. To make doing this easier, you can do the following: clear the dungeon of the Worlings, and then let the Worluk leave or shoot it.  As soon as possible, take a shot for the Wizard before he appears. If you hit the Wizard before he appears, you freeze the game. The dungeon walls stay the orange sparkling effect and the sound is stuck on the sound of the player(s) gun firing. Your players can not move but no Worlings or Worluks will appear and neither will the Wizard, so technically you have beat the game! On old versions of this game, possibly the original ones, you can freeze the game after the Wizard appears/disappears several times. On later versions this procedure has to be done before the Wizard actually appears. The computer player can freeze the game also. After freezing the game, fry the game to regain all of your players. On old versions of the game this can be done seven or more times. On later versions, this can only be done three or four times.

BUG: If you survive to the 17th dungeon, the Wizard appears and stays on the screen for long periods of time. This is not for only part of a second, but around five seconds at a time, which is also quite a sight to see. He fires his lightning bolt every which way, until he kills a player, or a player shoots him in the dungeons that follow. From here, the Wizard's appearance time begins to shorten once again. He stays for long periods of time in the following dungeons: 18th, 43rd, 66th, 91st, 120st, 151st.

FRYING: Depending on the ROM version of the game you have, you may be able to perform the following play for many hours - during game play (if you are quick enough with the power switch) turn the game off and back on quickly and you will gain back all the players the game can hold (the limit is 16 players per left/right player). If the computer was playing the blue player, it will get back all 16 players. It does not matter which dungeon this is done in.

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