To get an unlimited quantity of grenades, throw a grenade into the next room before you walk in. Some rooms will give you 3 grenades to pick up when you follow into the room. You then can walk in and out of the room, throwing 1 grenade in and picking 3 up.

Xenophobe was a highly original game with a highly original concept.  It was the first split-screen game.  It was also a victim of a production scheduling snafu.  Due to its production being pushed ahead, a lot of the game's tuning was axed.  There are many objects in the game that the player can pick up, but have no use.

Brian Colin & Jeff Nauman originally conceived this game with a tomb-robbing treasure hunting theme, but when programmer Howard Shere was assigned to the project, his love of science fiction prompted the shift to an ALIEN spoof.


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