EASTER EGG: Completing the 12th level triggers a screen with the initials “RF” (for Rob Fulop) and “JP” (for John Payson) to briefly appear, both mirrored and duplicated (see picture).  {Al Backiel}

Here’s the solution for all 12 levels:

Level 2 - UP 6, R, UP 5, R, UP 2
Level 3 - UP 6, L, UP 2, R, UP 7, R, UP
Level 4 - UP 2, R, UP 4, L, UP 8, L, UP
Level 5 - R, UP, L, UP 9, L, UP, R, UP 3, JUMP
Level 6 - R, UP 3 (*run program and keep pushing RIGHT to open hole in wall!)
Level 7 - UP 2, R, UP, L, UP 2, L, UP, R, UP 2, JUMP
Level 8 - UP 3, R, UP 6, L, UP 3, L, UP 6, R, JUMP
Level 9 - UP 21, R, JUMP
Level 10 - UP 3, L, UP, R, UP 3, R, UP, L, JUMP (no wrap-around)
Level 11 - R, UP, L, UP 9, R, U 10, JUMP
Level 12 - UP 3, L, UP 7, R, UP, R, UP 5, L, UP 3, JUMP

Level 6 is particularly buggy. Sometimes the robot goes through a seemingly solid block, and other times it gets stuck on invisible ones. None of these are definitive solutions, as several allow for multiple variations.  The goal is simply to get the robot to the cheese, although the most simple (and shortest) programs would be the ideal solution.  Here’s a few alternate ones for level 10:

Level 10a - UP 3, R, UP 2, L, UP 4, L, UP 2, R, UP 3, L, UP 2, R, UP, JUMP (no wrap-around)
Level 10b - L, L, UP 4, R, UP, L, UP 4, L UP, R UP 4, R, R, JUMP (wrap-around)

BUG: The manual states that a JUMP command is needed for levels 5-12, but the solution for level 6 doesn’t need one.  {Al Backiel}


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