The manual mentions there are 3 different screens, plus a hidden 4th screen. As part of a contest Ebivision was running, players went to the Ebivision website and typed in answers to 3 questions about it, and getting them all right triggered the win. The first person to find it won a copy of their unreleased version of Pac-Man (Jeff Rothkopf was the winner). To find the secret screen, get all 3 keys on level 3, and right before you climb the ladder in the upper-right to exit the screen, jump past it towards the right edge of the screen (picture #1). Don’t jump too close to the edge of the screen, otherwise you’ll immediately die on the hidden screen. The hidden screen layout will be new and the enemies are now all colored black (picture #2).

BUG: After completing either level 3 or the hidden level, you start back on level 1 with faster enemies. However, the level number remains at 3.


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