The Difficulty switches are opposite for this game.  The A setting is the easy version and B is the harder one.

At the start, hold UP+DOWN for a few seconds, then hold either RIGHT or LEFT.  Your character should go straight down and off the maze, crashing the game (picture #1)!  A similar trick can be done in the upper left corner (going up). {Tony Roy}

BUG: The scoring is inconsistent when coloring in a box.  The 50 points per box as mentioned in the manual is correct.  The problem is with the horizontal sides.  For example, if you start a game and color in the center-right box you start at by moving clockwise around it, you’ll get 55 points, but if you move counter-clockwise around it, you’ll get 54 (you only get 2 points for the bottom side, instead of 3).  On the box below it, moving counter-clockwise gets you 60; if you move clockwise, you’ll get 59 (you only get 2 points for the last top segment instead of 3).  This pattern probably applies to every box and is likely even more inconsistent.  Pictures #2-#4 show the same box colored in, with different scores.  If the box is colored in moving clockwise, you’ll get 65 (minus the 7 for the 2 segments colored to reach it).  If you move counter-clockwise, you’ll get 64, but if you move as fast as possible counter-clockwise around it, you might get as low as 62!

BUG: If you color in 2 boxes at once, you’ll only get points for one of them.  {Brian Tervo}

BUG: The manual states you get 100 points for each chicken caught, but you only get 99.  {Brian Tervo}



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