A “perfect” run of 32.69 was done with a TAS (tool-assisted speedrun).  However, if you briefly slow down right before the first windmill, it causes the first bird to spawn later.  This shifts the entire flock of birds a little further down the course, and allows for faster times.

BUG: By hitting the top of the barn’s entrance just right, you’ll briefly enter the barn before being bounced off it.  In doing so, you’ll be credited for flying through it!  A recent TAS run showed the fasted run that can be done exploiting this glitch is 15.22 (see videos).  {“fluddowich”/” aros-sg”}

FRYING: Unlimited play - Fry until you see the plane drop from the top of the screen and land on the bottom. You can play the game once by hitting RESET, but several objects will look distorted and going into the barns doesn't decrease the counter. The game will run until you turn it off.




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